What was NWM?

Inspired by NUM, a post by Travis Glines, NWM tried to take a place into providing a simple WAMP alternative, based on NodeJS which would provide a simple NodeJS + MongoDB + NPM + Path Fix installation to the end user.

Why take down NWM?

Simply because it's not needed anymore! At the beginning the Installer of NodeJS was not even fixing PATH for the end user. So anyone who installed it, didn't had a PATH to the nodejs binary or NPM one. So at the end of the story, if you tried to open CMD on Windows, and you tried to type "node" or "npm" it would just return "Command not found". Luckily, this is no more true.

What now?

You have really a plethora of options to consider if you still want a stack like NodeJS, NPM and MongoDB installed on your Windows computer: